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18K White Gold Diamond Bow Necklace




In the late 17th century, the bowknot was a strong symbol of love in jewelry designed by Gilles Legeré for the French court of Louis XIV. Loose double bows of gold or silver, enameled and studded with gemstones, were designed as necklaces and brooches.

Court life was filled with intrigue and included "ribbon language," a playful method for a woman to convey unspoken flirtatious messages. Depending on how they were worn, bow jewels could have several meanings: worn in the hair, they might mean a woman was looking for a man; worn over the heart, they meant she'd found her true love; worn on a ribbon around the neck, they had a teasing significance; worn at the cleavage, they meant "touch me!"

Whatever meaning you choose for your own diamond bow necklace, the message will be the same with this beautiful 18kt white gold and diamond charm -- a bow is a thing of feminine beauty and grace.

Healing Properties

Diamond: Being a symbol of purity, love, and commitment, Diamonds are perfect for inspiring love and clarity in all of your relationships. These stones are powerful healers of all types of emotional pain. Diamonds are also excellent energy amplifiers: 

Pyrite: known as a stone of luck, helping to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to the user, via its creative energies of manifestation, and its encouragement of following one's dreams.